Every Second of Every Day, Liverpool Medical Institution

A trilogy of glass human hearts, filled with electrified glowing noble gases; one heart a blue glowing argon, the second red glowing neon, and the third sculpted from driftwood.

2016 - ongoing

Permanent neon coil artwork installed in the Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

11/2014 - present

Running an artistic and scientific glass workshop in South Liverpool. 

Mersey Glass Works

10/ 2016 - present 

Mad Science Presenter Part-time



Sculpture ‘Urn’ - Desciption: borosilicate glass vessel with silvering 

Sculpture ‘Inkwell’ - Desciption: borosilicate glass vessel with silvered floor plate 

Sculpture ‘Dome’ - Desciption: borosilicate glass dome 

Commisioned by Sarah Entwistle’s solo exhibition of sculptural works, “He was my father and I an atom destined to grow into him,” ehibited by  Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris, October 23–December 6, 2015. 

12/2012 - 10/2014

Scientific Glassblower Trainee at SOG Ltd. in Runcorn.

My responsibilities included procurement, general work flow, administration, managing stock level of glass tubing and parts, storage, health and safety, client correspondence, meetings, off-site and on-site safe-glass handling training, machine maintenance, deliveries, client visits, adequate packing of scientific glasswares.

I have trained up to elementary level set out by the BSSG and can repair as well as create a wide range of scientific glassware on hand burners and lathes.

The position ended due to redundancy resulting from a change in management strategy of SOG.
I have been training for one year and nine months in total.

DSC 0565 copy

06/2011 - March 2013

Manager and Fairy

at Eco Cleaning Fairies -


'Cent and de Neon' intensive Neon art course in Paris, FRANCE.

hosted by Neon Workshops, Wakefield and Lycée Dorian, Paris.

Four days with four international teachers of Neon Art making, 

held in the year of the 100th anniversary and birthplace of the first Neon sign.


Exhibited Neon Art at the Nerve Magazine 'Save the Libraries' Event, Toxteth Liverpool, UK


Trained as a Neon Art maker at Neon Workshops, one day intensive workshop in Wakefield, UK.

Created 'My door is always open' my first piece of Neon Art.


Visuals for Ted X event in The New Futurism Open Labs at LJMU, Liverpool, UK.

11/2010 - 03/2012 

Part owner / investor / organiser to a 15k watt sound system for DJ events and festivals.

Dangerclaat Sound System, Liverpool, UK.

05/2003 - 2012

Translation work for agencies

2002 - 2011                  

Various visuals and projection projects for events and artistic projects.

Including visuals for various festivals, Glade, Solfest, Beautiful Days..

03/2011 - 06/2011     

Facilitator and Organiser of HulaHoop / Poi Spinning Workshops with Kay Dent (Bristol), Liverpool, UK.

01/2011 - 10/2011    

Volunteered as Breast Feeding Peer Supporter at the Liverpool Women's Hospital, UK.


Film night presenting 'Problema' by Ralf Schmerberg at 'Dont Drop The Dumbells', Liverpool, UK.

12/2010 - 03/2011   

Web Design and marketing consultant, Internichemarkt, Social enterprise, Liverpool, UK.


Experiments with Laser graffiti.

Open source software created by Graffiti Research Lab.


Exhibition of 'zipperharp', RIXHIBITION, Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool, UK. 


Developed a musical notation system for percussion workshops in schools.

Beatlife Book - Musical Notation system - Chris Preston

published at Soar Valley Music Ltd

09/2007 - 05/2009   

Webdesign Partnership Fireboar LLP, Liverpool, UK.

Business partnership with Paul Braddick - Flash programmer and animator.

02/2005 - 11/2006   

Finance / Development officer and Director 

Arena Art and Design Association, Liverpool, UK.

Management, maintenance and organisation of 43 artist studios and two galleries,

housed in a listed four storey building in Liverpool City.

Secured funding from several different funding bodies including 

Arts Council, Liverpool City Council, Private Donors for several exhibitions

and prevented the closure of the Association by turning around a three week eviction order.

I was organised moving the group to new premises.


Training in webstreaming in FACT, Mites, Liverpool, UK

03/2004 - 11/2004   

A series of twelve film nights, monthly events held in a Liverpool art gallery,

with one event featuring a live orchestrated silent movie.

With Stan Ambrose - Harp player

Funded by Liverpool Plus / Acid Fund

06/2002 - 09/2002

Webdesign course CDS Liverpool, UK.

Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks intensive training.

07/1998 - 07/2002   

BA (Hons) degree programme in Performing Arts (Music) specialised in production, 

John Moores University, LIPA, Liverpool, UK.

• Final Research Paper - DJ Culture and the Digital Age, LIPA 2002

An essay about Final Scratch a DJ-ing system using digital files with 'scratch records'.

It includes an interview with Richie Hawtin who first presented the system.

01/1998 - 03/1998 

Fans und Stars. Audio collage work, Stuttgart and Hamburg, GERMANY.

Audio production produced for a photographic exhibition at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart in March 1998.

The intension of the exhibition was to make a connection between popular culture and art. 

It documents opposing images of fans and their stars at open air concerts or within club culture.

The show was a series of portraits and images taken by Maya Mueller Photographer. 

12/1996 - 02/1998

‘Die Spurensucher’ Production of JBS Aural Compound 

Rehearsal, recording and creative direction Hamburg, Germany 

Performed in Essen at design show 1997 and Berlin 1998

03/1997 - 09/1997   

Diploma in Sound Engineering, SAE, School of Audio Engineering, Hamburg, GERMANY.

03/1996 - 08/1996   

Production and casting assistant, Trigger Happy Productions, Ralf Schmerberg, Stuttgart, GERMANY. 

Casting for big clients TV ad production - VW, Levi's Jeans, The Green Party

09/1995 - 12/1995   

Production and casting assistant, Art Agency, Agentur fur Fotoproduktionen, Stuttgart, GERMANY

Casting for fashion shoots.

01/1995 - 08/1995   

Administrator, KSR-Kuebler (UK) Ltd. London, UK. 

09/1994/ - 10/1994  

Casting assistant, Ana Davila Casting, Stuttgart, GERMANY.

07/1993 - 08/1994    

Research und production co-coordinator, DoRo Videoproduktion / VIVA TV Cologne, GERMANY.

09/1992 - 02/1994   

PA to Chairman and marketing co-ordinator, Management - Die Fantastischen Vier,  

German Hip Hop Band, Bear Music Factory, Andreas Baer Laesker, Stuttgart, GERMANY

This band had a five album major deal with Sony Music at the time and produced several number one hits.

I was involved with many aspects of marketing, assistance, touring, video production, location scouting, 

getting permissions for filming and was also their driver on many occasions.

02/1992 - 09/1992   

Administrator, Kemnitz und Mares

Advertising agency Stuttgart, GERMANY

Earlier education 1977 - 88                  

I went to school in the south of Germany. 

I don't have A-levels. 

I left school one year after my GCSE equivalents.

Software knowledge

Adobe Suite - Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash,

Arkaos Visuals Software, Alchemy Vector Software, 

Various Mac Music and visual Apps, Windows and Mac OS

• I create things with computers and light, paper, glass, mounted digital print, 

   music, visuals, web stuff, lasers, LED's, neon and tech art.

• I love music, nature, art and festivals of such.

• I love organising and research.

• I have invented a musical instrument in 1999. It's the 'zipperharp'. 

• I did bungee jumping twice and would love to do a 'Baumgartner' or a massive bridge swing.

• I have an allotment and I like the sea when its rough.